LastPass and how to only show credentials for individual Subdomains

If, like me, you’ve been using LastPass and have credentials stored for several subdomains, you’ve probably noticed that LastPass shows you the credentials for every subdomain all at once.

By default LastPass won’t show only the relevant credentials for the current subdomain but this can be configured in the settings, I’ll take you through this below.

What is LastPass?

LastPass is a popular password manager. Password managers take the work out of remembering and storing credentials for accounts. They can be used to automatically create random secure passwords for your accounts and can be used to automatically fill in these passwords on the appropriate websites. Two factor authentication should also be configured on your password managers to give you more security and help keep your accounts from being compromised.

LastPass offers applications and extensions for pretty much every device type and browser and has both a free tier and a paid for premium tier at £2.60/month. The premium tier offers some cool features such a security dashboard, that flags duplicate passwords across your websites, and dark-web monitoring which looks for accounts that have been sold on the dark-web.

LastPass and Subdomains

If you use LastPass and have a bunch of subdomains, such as the below, you may have already noticed that LastPass will give you the option for every set of credentials across your whole domain for each subdomain, this can get messy very quickly.

As you can see, when opening any one of the subdomains, all 4 of my saved credentials are suggested at the same time.

This isn’t ideal and I would rather only have the credentials for show only when I’m on the page

To do this, you’ll need to navigate to log into your LastPass vault and select Account Settings as below.

From there, select the URL Rules option highlighted in red.

On the URL Rules page you can select add, type in the full subdomain required, leave the path blank and make sure the “Exact Host Match” option is set to Yes as below.

Once you click add you will then only see the “” credentials when navigating to that subdomain.

You can then add as many subdomains as you have set up by following the same process.

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